FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How is Coaching different than Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy focuses on helping the client to explore and understand the conscious and unconscious mind and how it affects your beliefs and actions. While therapy is very effective for creating change, it tends to focus more on the "why" and is likely to be more long-term.

Coaching helps you identify where you're at presently, what you really want and how to attain it. A coach helps you develop skills, clarify goals and create an action plan to obtain those goals. A successful coach will keep you on track and hold you to a level of accountability.  Life coaching devoted to physisicans and other health care providers also helps to identify your priorities, stressors, and combat burnout, empowering you to make positive choices to better manage your challenges and improve your personal and professional life.

It is crucial to have a coach who is intimately acquainted with and knowledgeable of the psychology of health care providers. Without this background, a typical life coach is going to provide the standard support of identifying goals and barriers without the knowledge of the intense demands and stressors placed upon health care providers. 

What can I expect from my investment in Life Coaching sessions?

Together we will identify goals for your coaching program. Some goals include:

  • Identification of goals, priorities and target areas for desired improvement
  • Decreasing or avoiding physican burnout
  • Identification of stressors, including burn out and impact on wellbeing
  • Understanding challenges and barriers to meeting desired goals
  • Learning methods for reducing and controlling anxiety, irritability, insomnia and depression
  • Understanding the impact of physician stress on your wellbeing as well as that of significant others and family
  • Establishing work/life balance
  • Becoming a better and more patient partner or parent
  • Exploration of the role of relaxation techniques and biofeedback for anxiety, insomnia, stress reduction
  • Increase self-care and self-compassion
  • Exploration of the psychological role of finances and financial decisions
  • Assistance with practice management and start up decisions 

How many sessions will I need?

The duration of coaching depends on your needs and what you desire for outcomes. I ask for a three to six month commitment. This allows you enough time for application of our goals and begin to see improvement in your life.